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We make the best burgers in town

Dougies is a unique fresh concept that brings together the very best of authentic Mediterranean cuisine and the taste of Portuguese style chicken, all carefully prepared using our own addictive recipes and finished with our unique blend of herbs and spices.

Our Classic

Dougie Burger

Gourmet Milk Bun

A crusty golden shell & a soft inside, this is the perfect bun for any meat burger, as it soaks the juices.

Melted Cheese

Australian cheese melted down to a rich, gooey sauce that you want to throw on any dish.

Perfected Chicken

Lightly marinated 100% Aussie chicken that’s been char-grilled to perfection. 

Famous Dougie Sauce

Our very own secret sauce perfect for any burger, even the colonel doesn’t know what’s in it. 

Caramelised Onions

Just like our cheese, we want this to be soft and gooey to bring out the natural sugars that are in onions.

Fresh Tomatos

We use the freshest of ingredients to bring out the best taste in any of our burgers.

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Clients review

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